In response to this month’s blog challenge, I decided to write about the Creative Process, which in most cases, is, or should be, synonymous with the Learning Process.

Check out The Creative Process video to start but please, while you’re doing so, think about the comparison to the learning process and whether the two processes are truly interchangeable or not.

As you listened to the Creative Process video, we learned about The Creative Process in  ’10 Acts’ which include:

  1. The Hunch: Stephen Johnson calls this the “Slow Hunch” in his book Where Good Ideas Come From. Tiffany Shlain says in this phase, to act on the idea and to gather a team
  2. Talk About It: Tell everyone about your idea and to get their support
  3. The Sponge: This stage is characterized by gathering, collecting, reading, researching and beginning to assimilate your own opinions on the topic. Johnson would say that this process is the “collision of smaller hunches.”
  4. Build: During this phase, you must build, make, iterate, construct, collaborate, and create structure
  5. Confusion: Shlain states that every project has a period of doubt and fear, however, she states, “It always gets infinitely better after I have rumbled with all of my fears”
  6. Take a Breather: Step away from Project and lose perspective for a while
  7. The Love Sandwich: She says that we need to ask questions from the team and beyond that “Snuggle constructive feedback in love”. Questions like: what works for you? What doesn’t work for you?
  8. Premature Breakthrough-Ulation: She says to celebrate the many false breakthroughs as they lead to the real breakthroughs of the project
  9. Revisit notes: Revisit notes near the end stage of the project to look for the clue, the missing link that brings it all together.
  10. Know when you’re done!

She says, we can apply these stages to anything in life. Like I said, I think it applies so well to the learning process that when I use one term, it implies the other.

When listening to Shlain’s ’10 Acts of the Creative Process, I make many comparison’s to, The 4 Steps to Getting an Idea, as articulated by Kirby Ferguson.

On the topic of Kirby Ferguson and The Creative Process, I share with you a Google Slides presentation that I created for a professional learning session at my school. I wanted to highlight the Creative Process and make connections with the Learning Process. I wanted our teachers to embody the Creative Process in their own professions and in turn, to provide experiences for students to embody the Creative Process as well.

This PL session, much like the videos provided in this post, really emphasize the process of ideation and the creativity necessary to bring life to an idea. What other than that, is any more important in the purpose of intellectual education than that? As we conclude, I think it best to close with Tiffany Shlain’s final claim from her video, “Enjoy the Process” because it is in the process that our ideas really come together and it is the process that needs to be replicated during the next learning cycle.

So what do you think? Is the Learning Process and the Creative Process synonymous? If so, how do we create these types of learning opportunities for our students?